Ngarot a phenomenal tradition of virginity testing in Indramayu western Java community

If the girl was not a virgin anymore, a series of flowers will wilt, "says Raidi Bin Papung, Lelea Village Head, District Lelea,
In addition to the crown of flowers, the girls also decorated special clothing, namely kebaya, scarves, fabrics, jewelry necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The virgin is also using the typical uniform, ie, a pair of black komboran clothing, complete with head iket sheet.

Shortly talking, Raidi rushed continue preparations ceremony following the cue which was read Suparno (59), a Civil Cultural District of Lelea, from the Department of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism (Disporabudpar) Indramayu district.

With loudspeakers, Suparno refer to a series of terms that became the order of rows in a procession Ngarot.

First row filled by Kuwu and Kuwu Prickly (wife kuwu), followed Ewena Guardian (wives of officials or perangkats village), Cuwene Ngarot (bride Ngarot woman), Jidur (traditional art form jidur, trumpet, guitar, krecek, and others) , Pamong Laki (village men), Single Ngarot (groom ngarot), reog (art reog), Rural Institutions (LPM / BPD / and others), and ends genjring art.
Indramayu district, in the midst of preparations Ngarot tradition, Wednesday (25/11/2015).

Rows says it is a myth ancestor to this day is still maintained.
Not just a myth, a sentence that will continue to be preserved because it has a lot of value and meaning to the lives of people, especially the youth generation.
Raidi call, the myth serves as a deterrent so that the future generation, especially the descendants of the village Lelea, always retain the manners, including purity and cleanliness.

"(Myth) was nice as a brake, so that children do not do a no-no. It is a positive value, and prevent children not to do anything, "he said before holding a ceremony.

In Ngarot tradition, the village girls dressed since morning both parents and neighbors. They use a number of flowers strung together into a crown.
Some flowers are used, among other things ylang, jasmine, rose, sunduk and pandanus flowers.

"In addition to the fragrance, the entire interest implies purity and cleanliness," said the man who had served as head of the village for four years.

"The convoy is named procession Ngarot. They go around the village Lelea, rotating in each village border point and ends at the village hall office Lelea. Here was, we held a ceremony Ngarot, namely the government and village elders entrusted to the girl and a virgin bride, seed rice seeds, water, fertilizer, hoes, and a number of other agricultural equipment, "he said during the activity.

Provision of agricultural tools as a symbol of the effort to preserve the tradition that has born hereditary.
The girl and a virgin is expected to continue, and utilize land area of ​​approximately 2.6 hectares Kasinoman relics Ki Kapol great-grandfather, the founder of the local villages around the 1600s.

"Lelea peoples' traditional ceremony before the planting season this is what Ngarot. Even crops of agricultural land Kasinoman process, will be reused for Ngarot tradition from year to year, "he said.

Not far from the village chief's house, since morning, Sutami (45), villagers Lelea, already looks busy putting on two girls, Umiyati (18) and Salsa Nirmala (12).
Although not relatives, Sutami happy to arrange petals in the two girl's head.
Not only this year, he faithfully apply a neighbor girl, from year to year.

"I was never a bride Ngarot, when the age of 13 years. At that time, after the procession, the group Ngarot directly to the paddy heritage. Most of the groom memacul land, and most brides girl directly sowing rice seedlings, "he recalls.

Not only that, Sutami also told a number of other differences ngarot ceremony.
Previously, the entire interest rate used for the original crown.
But since about 20 years ago, some other flowers are made from paper.