Balekambang Coast charm. Her Bali on the island of Java

Being informed about the exotic coastal town shook the apple turns our adventurous spirit. Finally it was time our group 15 people from Salatiga desperate toward the sunrise to realize a dream that set foot on the south coast of east Java Kab.Malang.

One of the beaches that reportedly had in coming to the team two worlds. Reality show smelly faerie from one private individual television. His name Balekambang Beach Bantur precisely in the district which is already well-known across the country with a castle icon Ismoyo and pitunya wells. Puri Ismoyo itself is a kind of temple hindu which is above ground lot area of ​​100m square, to get to this temple we did not have to swim because there is a bridge along 70meter that cuts the fierce waves of the ocean to the south, so not to worry we would have been safe if you want to see the temple lsmoyo closely.

As for the Pitu wells located on the west approximately 3 km from the castle Ismoyo. the location of its own wells are in a jungle thick with leafy trees and Armed with this information we are getting curious to immediately arrive at the location. After traveling for 12 hours because the driver pack still scale hypocritical We finally arrived at the location around jm 10 late afternoon. Given the importance of this mission group in the 2 groups with consideration of the safety of the group.

The first group was named team "castle Ismoyo" led by Andi Dargo were assigned to focus on Ismoyo castle. The first team consisted of Irul Sanjaya, Mayapada Dika, Sigit Respati, Aji raditya and four girls that Lisa Juminten, Nawang Sudarmi, and two sisters, namely girls Yuyun sukamti and Rara supatmi. They were given the task of leader of the expedition that Gondang Pancasona to browse the details of the temple Ismoyo.emak thicket so the atmosphere is very quiet tense because sped off away from residential areas .. one word that comes is suerem also yes ...

While the second team was named team "well pitu" in the good fortune that a leader is Panut swargodono consideration because he never studied metaphysics in Papua for 2 years. Now for the second team consists of Ahwan rakawuning, Irfan jade, the Supreme Nalendra, Kunto Marwoto, and Gondang Pancasona the leader of the expedition team participated in the well pitu. Team is tasked to down a path full of mystical scent in the woods that leads to the well pitu.

According to reports circulating in the local community, especially the coastal areas this balekambang he often asks the average victim is a visitor from out of their abject kota.Kebanyakan when swimming at the beach balekambang. Whether or not we do not know exactly because our society is still stuck with the myth of the mystical. How about you?

Although the news gripping the mind but not daunting expedition team .. Since the purpose of the team is not to justify the heretical opinion, but the main purpose of the team is to probe the facts and the ins and outs of coastal beaches in Balekambang with glasses rational that it is proof of the power of the creator. So we merely prove that the phenomenon of land lots and unique pitu well as many local cultural diversity implies the philosophy that tinggi.Dan as a wise man to be clever to take lessons from this phenomenon.

Indeed realized by the team that in this area, especially the road to the well pitu terms with the mystical aroma. One is when we began to enter the gate area pitu wells did not meet anyone other than our team. Just a few meters down the road has been welcomed by a large tree located right on the roadside. Getting into the forest increasingly daunting as the road is narrow and slippery because the original is still far from a touch fierce modernization.

Along the road surrounded by a circular bamboo trees look like a long hallway that was even more lush and humid. Even many animals ape sound and strange sounds. Maybe the sound of wind crashed into the content of the forest. The sound of the waves began sounding faintly in the ears. It's a sign that we were getting into the forest.

The atmosphere more tense since been running around 500m we did not encounter wells in intent. Precisely bush belukarlah increasingly lush and dark. Which raised the fear of most teams. But thanks to the motivation of the leadership we finally solidified mentally that fear aside gods prove our faith levels only.

"So no matter how great the magic more powerful tetep allah swt power. Moreover, the fear of feeling yourself. Do not be a crybaby ..." said the leader.

Finally we are aware and so the search continued until the region in the form stopover at this location and there was a hole in the form of 4 meter deep well with blue water.

Did you know that this new place the first well. The atmosphere was mystical plus another amount of blood-sucking force (mosquitoes naughty) who continue to attack us. After we consulted agreed to return to shore.

"The first well is only so far and then how the next scary ... really tiring for sure .." we muttered.

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Lessons that can be taken is to maintain an attitude of dignified human figure so although nowhere do not harm the environment or that sin in the forest. Still was friendly to nature. So our message to the reader when there need not be illegal, but think a mythical thinking rationally are based upon belief in the power of Allah swt.

And keep in mind do not go well pitu forest alone because it is scary. Hii ... ATUT ... aja yaa-do magical creatures .... Actually it will not bother us for not terusik.Justru with friends with alamlah our act of gratitude to the creator of the universe.

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